Why Sewum?

Because unlike many of Seoul’s large, corporate hospitals, Sewum Urology offers the highest quality care with a human touch.

You’ll never be made to feel hurried or unheard, as your comfort and treatment are always our top priority.


International. And we mean it. 

While other hospitals and clinics in Seoul like to boast of their international status, Sewum Urology’s chief physician is actually U.S. trained.

Having been both a doctor and patient abroad, Dr. Park understands how it feels to be sick in a foreign country and what an isolating experience that can be.

On top of being able to speak freely with Dr. Park, Sewum also hosts an American Patient Liaison whom you can freely text, call, or email with questions during operating business hours.

Global Partnerships. 


Sewum Urology regularly hosts international medical companies, U.S. physicians, and operates as a training facility for doctors from all over the world.

Through active global outreach, Sewum Urology can make good on its promise to make the world a healthier, happier place.