All of our center’s outpatient procedures are catered with our patients in mind to maximize their comfort and convenience.

As the most prolific prosthetic surgeon in Asia, Dr. Park’s voluminous practice and expertise ensure scientifically sound and satisfactory results.

  • Circumcision – Modified Sleeve approach with Tissue Preservation Technique

Compared with the conventional approach, Dr. Park’s unique ‘Modified Sleeve Method with Tissue Preservation Technique‘ was devised for faster healing, less post-operative care, and sensation preservation.

We admit that our circumcision takes a bit more time than the usual “quick fix,” but as it’s a primarily aesthetic surgery, we pride ourselves in the fact that we take our time to give you the treatment (and the appearance) that you deserve.

  • Non-scalpel Vasectomy with Fascial Interposition 

Dr. Park’s Non-Scalpel Vasectomy with Fascial Interposition, a local anesthetic out-patient procedure, typically takes no longer than 10 – 15 minutes.

The non-scalpel method shows less pain with faster healing, and with the Fascial-interpostion, there’s far less risk of spontaneous vas-reconnection. This means less to worry about for you and your partner.

  • Testosterone Testing  

If you suspect low testosterone (Low-T) may be responsible for a change in your sleep patterns, physical changes, sexual changes, and emotional changes, we can test your testosterone levels and recommend treatment accordingly if needed.