Dr. Park – Sexual Medicine Specialist

Based on his training in the US, Dr. Sean, Sung Hun, Park’s Urology Center of Excellence focuses on serving international patients with his sexual medicine specialist background

About Dr. Park’s Urology

It began with his international clinic experience during his residency and multi-continental sexual medicine training in the UK, Australia, & South America.

Those experiences helped him better understand the different demands among each and every person

In 2013, Dr. Steven K. Wilson, FACS, FRCS forever changed Dr. Park’s path as a prosthetic urologist. Under Dr. Wilson’s guidance, Dr. Park completed a multi-institutional prosthetic urology fellowship. For the better part of a year, Dr. Park traveled over two thirds of the U.S. to train at the practices of other high volume surgeons

Dr. Park’s journey of training, presentations, and collaboration around the globe

This training gave Dr. Park different perspectives about medicine: Quality of life care which aims for patients’ happiness — not just removing their illness

Happy patient makes a happy physician: The aim of our practice and the motivation behind our ongoing efforts to improve the level of care

2022 Penile Implants Body Lab, Barcelona, Spain, Training Leader

Dr. Park’s Urology is a registered medical institution for foreign patients by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare and a certified Center of Excellence by the Institute for Urological Excellence. Dr. Park is also a member of The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM); The Asian Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine (APSSM); The Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA); The Society of Urologic and Prosthetic Surgeons (SUPS); The American Urological Association (AUA); and The Korean Urological Association (KUA)