Sewum Urology, Center of Excellence was founded by Dr. Sean Park with one goal in mind: to serve patients honestly and to the best of his ability — because trust affects treatment.

As a Korean board-certified urologist, from 2009-2012 Dr. Park completed over 1,500 cases of augmentation surgery. During this time, he learned an important lesson as a doctor: that honesty is the key to a healthy patient-physician relationship.

At the end of 2012, with no corporate backing or support, Dr. Park gave up his stable position at a university hospital to go train in the U.S.

Dr. Park and Dr. Wilson

Dr. Park with Dr. Wilson

In 2013, Dr. Park met Dr. Steven K. Wilson, FACS, FRCS who forever changed his life as a prosthetic urologist. Under Dr. Wilson’s guidance, Dr. Park completed a multi-institutional prosthetic urology fellowship.

For the better part of a year, Dr. Park traveled over two thirds of the U.S. to train at the practices of other high volume surgeons. 

The red and green represent where Dr. Park has trained and presented

Since Sewum’s founding, Dr. Park has become a member of multiple urological associations around the world. He regularly attends these conferences as an invited speaker, lecturer, and collaborator.

While in the U.S., Dr. Park learned not just surgery, but also how to best serve his patients. In order to provide the highest quality care, he started his own practice: Sewum Urology, Center of Excellence.

As a U.S. trained physician, Dr. Park hopes to better serve expatriates living in South Korea. Because urological issues can be especially sensitive, being able to discuss these problems freely — and comfortably — is essential.

“Serving, not judging. That’s what I learned.” 

Dr. Park believes in supporting those in need without prejudice, discrimination, or hesitation.