Dr. Park is one of Asia’s most prolific prosthetic surgeons and a world-leading sexual health expert

With Dr. Park, you can discuss the following:


Dr. Park’s unique ‘Modified Sleeve Method with Tissue Preservation Technique‘ was devised for faster healing, less post-operative care, and sensation preservation

Non-scalpel Vasectomy with Fascial Interposition 

A local anesthetic out-patient procedure and typically performed within 10 minutes

Testosterone Testing

We can test your testosterone levels and recommend treatment if you suspect low testosterone (Low-T) being responsible for a change in your sleep patterns, physical changes, sexual changes, and emotional changes

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Depending on your age and the severity of your ED, treatment ranges from oral medication to an outpatient surgical procedure. If you do require surgery, you’re in luck: Dr. Park is the foremost implant surgeon in all of Asia, and 5th ranked in the world

Premature Ejaculation

Through a simple outpatient procedure, Dr. Park can ably repair over-sensitivity of the penis and help you lead a healthy, satisfying sex life

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