Other Urological Services

Dr. Park's surgery training in Vietnam

Dr. Park is one of Asia’s most prolific prosthetic surgeons and a world-leading sexual health expert

With his rich experience in sexual medicine and genital reconstruction surgery, he could help those who are in need of treatments below:

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Depending on your age and the severity of your ED, treatment ranges from oral medication to an outpatient surgical procedure.

ED originates physically, but impacts more on psychology. If this condition ails, there are various treatments with dependable efficacy

If you do require surgery, Dr. Park is the foremost implant surgeon in all of Asia, and 5th ranked in the world

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When it comes to circumcision, many men worry about losing sensual feeling after surgery

Due to this, Dr. Park devised the ‘Modified Sleeve Method with Tissue Preservation Technique‘ which could preserve sensation. This could also minimize bleeding, pain and helps faster healing after the procedure

He also performs reconstructive circumcision for those who have severe adhesive conditions like Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO)

Circumcision in Men

Non-scalpel Vasectomy with Fascial Interposition 

Short term goals of vasectomy are minimal pain and fast recovery. To achieve this, Dr. Park applies local anesthesia with the non-scalpel method to shorten the OR time and minimize bleeding & tissue damage

Long term goals of vasectomy are to achieve infertility without complications like re-canaling of the vas-deferans. To achieve this, fascial interposition of the vas shows, by far, the best result

Testosterone Replacement

Men can suffer menopausal symptoms from low testosterone as well – decreased libido, mild depression or central obesity could be the sign of it and among this, negative mood changes are the most prominent symptom of Low-T Syndrome

For those patients, Testosterone replacement could be of great help. Dr. Park could replace Testosterone with clinically proven & up-to-date methods

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a subjective condition, most men who experience this condition show temporary difficulties with controlling ejaculation which means that many men will regain their control of it over time

However, if premature ejaculation lasts more than 3 months, one should consider it as becoming a chronic condition. In a case like this, various treatments could be of help ranging from simple pills to complex procedures

With rich clinical experiences in this field, Dr. Park could help patients regain their control

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