Fast, Discreet, Reliable STD/STI Testing

Care with Respect, Privacy & Comfort

We perform comprehensive STD/STI testing through urine/vaginal bacterial PCR (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea), HIV/Syphilis, Hepatitis A/B/C, and Herpes tests

What’s STDs & STIs?

We provide a set of tests, depending on your condition, through detailed consultation. Most results are ready within a day or two

Test results are Confidential and by Korean law your medical records are for you only

What’s STI Screening and How is it Done?

For accuracy we partner with SeeGene Medical, one of the largest professional lab centers, which provides Reliable & Consistent test results

We do appointment only consultations to better serve your privacy

Ted Hui, our International Patient Liaison from the U.S., will be able to assist you through +82-10-9410-8575

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