PrEP – Love Yourself

Dr. Park went to Sir David Ralph’s Andrology practice to get training in UCLH London, UK. During his visit there, he was very impressed with the UK’s medicinal policy for LGBTQ patients and that’s why he tried to find a reasonable way for PrEP/HIV Prevention in South Korea

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is the use of drugs to prevent disease. This has been especially important and helpful for those who may have higher risk of HIV infection

What is PrEP?
Patient Experience on PrEP – How is it really?

PrEP for HIV is not 100% bullet-proof safe (90%), thus one needs to get a test every 3 months to check their HIV status and liver/kidney function

The PrEP Process

Our clinic provides PrEP tests, prescriptions and a practical guide throughout the process for obtaining PrEP in South Korea. When test results and prescriptions are ready, our patient liaison will be able to help you with starting PrEP for HIV

Who is PrEP for?

Pragmatic solution for those who need it is what we hope to provide