Dr. Park Visits UC Irvine Urology Men’s Health Center

On October 18th of 2021, Dr. Sung Hun Park visited the University of California, Irvine’s Men’s Health Center located in Silicone Valley, CA, US. Dr. Park visited this renowned center to learn more about various Men’s health issues including ESWT on ED, chronic prostatitis and BPH treatments from Dr. Faysal Yafi

Dr. Yafi is the Director of the Men’s Health at UCI Urology and under his leadership he has expanded the center from treating mainly general urological diseases to focusing on men’s health issues, especially quality of life medicine

Dr. Park and Dr. Yafi first became acquainted with each other while writing several academic papers together, including the famous Mini-Jupette technique for climacturia from 2016 which was lead by Dr. Yafi. Also Dr. Yafi visited Dr. Park’s practice in 2018 in order to observe Dr. Park performing penile implant surgery through subcoronal approach under local anesthesia

Throughout this visit, Dr. Yafi shared his professional opinions with Dr. Park on the various treatments of erectile dysfunction, chronic prostatitis, and enlarged prostates

The US is a world leader in the market of medical devices, hence many devices there are applied to practices in advance compared to the other regions including South Korea. Dr. Park continues to find ways to apply these new advancements within South Korea to offer a better practice experience