Dr. Park Presents Lecture at 2022 Kiel School of Penile Surgery

On March 25th, the Kiel University Department of Urology in Germany held a digital conference on penile reconstruction. Known for their world-class courses in anatomy, the topics covered for this conference involved the urinary system, as well as surgical methods and treatment in penile surgeries

Three total lectures were held during the penile implant session and Dr. Park had the pleasure of lecturing in one of them

Prof. Dr. Daniar Osmonov, who hosted this year’s conference, discussed his discoveries made for anatomical structures regarding inflatable penile implant surgery. Dr. Jay Simhan, from the United States, presented a lecture on the latest knowledge on penile implant infections, and Dr. Park lectured on penile implant surgery done through local anesthesia

While this conference was mainly intended for European urologists, urologists from various countries, including the Middle East, were in attendance as it was a digital event