Dr. Park Lectures at 1st Seoul Inflatable Penile Implant Conference

On May 25th, the first inaugural Seoul Conference of Excellence on Penile Prosthetic Surgery was held for Korean urologists at the Novotel Ambassador Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. Among the speakers, Dr. Osmonov, Professor of Urology at Kiel University in Germany, and Dr. Sung Hun Park from Stand Up Prosthetic Urology were invited to present lectures on the characteristics of inflatable penile implants, as well as infection prevention, and performing the surgery through local anesthesia

This conference garnered high-interest among local South Korean urologists as lectures were on practical topics such as site of treatment and thus Q&A sessions along with discussions lasted for quite a while

During the conference, Dr. Park said, “South Korea is the second largest country in the world for inflatable penile implants” and “We hope that future academic gatherings for penile implants will further facilitate the sharing of knowledge in order to improve surgical results, and the quality of life for men’s health in South Korea”

Dr. Park is frequently invited to give lectures on his subcoronal approach through local anesthesia at international conferences. Due to his continued academic activities and dedication to the field of men’s health, he will be invited as a training leader and lecturer for a cadaver lab scheduled in Barcelona Spain, focusing on inflatable prosthetic implants

2022 Seoul Conference on Penile Implants, Lecture