Dr. Park Performs Live Surgery, Leads Training Session, and Delivers Presentation as Invited Guest in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dr. Park was invited as a special guest by 115 People’s Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to showcase his surgical skills and lead training course to help develop surgical skills and standard of care in Vietnam and across South East Asia. The surgery was broadcast live so that other physicians and surgeons could… Read More

Dr. Park Records Four Part Mini-Documentary Special with Dr. Paul Perito, FACS to Discuss the Impact Implant Surgery has on Both Patients and Doctors

While in Miami, Dr. Park and his colleague, Dr. Paul Perito, FACS, sat down for a frank, intimate discussion on the nature of their field: prosthetic urology. The two discussed how working in a field with a patient satisfaction rate of over 90% has affected them, the unexpected changes they see in their implant patients,… Read More

Dr. Park Travels to London for Reconstruction and Andrology Training with Sir David Ralph, MD

Last week, Dr. Park visited the University College Hospital at Westmoreland Street (or The Heart Hospital) in London, England, to train with renowned urologist sir David Ralph, MD. The focus of Dr. Park’s visit was Reconstruction and Andrology, namely, learning how to reconstruct phalluses that were damaged due to infection, accidents, or defects from birth.… Read More

Dr. Sean Park’s Urology and The Institute of Urologic Excellence’s Dr. Steven K. Wilson Enter Memorandum of Understanding to Become Sister Institutes

What’s Happening in the World of Prosthetic Urology? It was a busy week at Dr. Park’s Urology, as it prepared for another honor bestowed by the godfather of prosthetic urology, Dr. Steven K. Wilson, MD, FACS, FRCS, the world’s highest volume prosthetic urologist. The last time Dr. Wilson came to our practice with honors, it… Read More

Dr. Park’s WMRTC Proud to Host Indian Physician Dr. Chirag Bhandari as Part of its Surgical Training Program

Dr. Park’s WMRTC (Wilson Memorial Research and Training Center) was proud to host Indian physician Dr. Chirag Bhandari as part of its surgical training program. After training for several months in London, England, Dr. Bhandari came to observe Dr. Park in the OR at the recommendation of one of his colleagues and a former trainee… Read More

Dr. Park Interviews for Netflix Documentary Debunking Folk Remedies for Sexual Health

Dr. Park discussed the importance of research based medicine and stressed that if folk remedies were cures there would be research to support it, and that doctors would actually use them. From dog meat to rhino horn, there were falsehoods Dr. Park was happy to set the record straight on. The documentary should be released… Read More