At the 38th Congress of the Societe International d’ Urologie (SIU) held in Seoul, Dr. Park was invited as faculty to deliver an instructional course as a leading expert in his field. This was the first time the SIU opened an instructional course on penile prosthetics

국제비뇨기과학회 교육코스에서 박성훈 원장 강연.png

The main subject of this newest course was Penile Prostheses, which Dr. Park gave lectures about Inflatable Penile Prosthetics

The SIU also decided to make Penile Prosthetics the opening subject, indicating that Dr. Park’s attention and passion for his patients’ needs are becoming more widely recognized. Dr. Park’s continued research and positive results have garnered him much attention, evident in the positive reception and attendance of his lectures

As for Dr. Park, he is always happy to have a platform through which to spread awareness of his mission for better patient care, sound scientific results, and higher quality of life

국제비뇨기과학회 교육코스에서 박성훈 원장 강연.png

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